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We Remember History,Wishing World Peace
Aug 15, 2018

Today is a day that hundreds of millions of Chinese will never forget,


73 years ago today August 15, 1945

Japan's emperor hirohito broadcasts "imperial edict on armistice"

Japan, surrender unconditionally, all the Chinese sons and daughters of the palm celebrating

Drum, whistle, bell...

Anyone who can make a sound

All are horns of victory. People from all over the world come together

To celebrate the end of the war

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Cheering for peace to end the war. For this day, the Chinese nation fought for 14 years, on September 18,1931

The Japanese militarism launched a mad war of aggression

It has brought unprecedented disaster to the Chinese people

A very dark page in the history of civilization. In the northeast

Unit 731 of Japan's guan dong army was launched

Humane chemical and biological weapons experiments

Waging a germ war for genocide. In nanjing

The Japanese invaders were organized, planned and premeditated

Mass murder, adultery, arson, robbery

More than 300,000 civilians were killed.

14 years,

More than 6 million square kilometers of land fell

More than 35 million compatriots died

Four hundred million people were oppressed

The years of war have been turbulent

A man is born in distress, a victim of misfortune

The Japanese people were also the victims of the war

After the war

More than 4,000 Japanese children have been abandoned in China

Japanese media said

"The threat of death is hanging over the country

Starving to death in the streets."

Even years after the war

The people are still down and out

Provoke the Chinese people to resist courageously

The awakening and unity of the Chinese nation

Reached unprecedented heights

The Chinese are of a common enemy

On the front battlefield, the Chinese army fought hard

Hard hit the Japanese war dead China's dream

Behind the enemy, anti-japanese armed forces led by the communist party of China

More than 125,000 battles with the enemy

The great Chinese people's war of resistance against Japanese aggression

Also opened up the world anti-fascist war

Main battle of the east

For the great cause of world peace

He made a great contribution to the history books

More than 1.55 million Japanese were killed and captured in China

About 1.28 million Japanese troops surrendered to China

Crushed the fascist west to cooperate the plot

Victory belongs to the great Chinese people

The Chinese people won the war of resistance against Japanese aggression

China fought against foreign invasion in modern times

The first complete victory. This great victory

Japan's militarism was thoroughly crushed

The plot to colonize and enslave China

China has resisted foreign aggression since modern times

The national humiliation of repeated defeats

It has opened up bright prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

The beginning of ancient China

The new journey of phoenix-nirvana and rebirth from the ashes

The common spiritual wealth of mankind

The second world war involved five continents

61 countries and regions

More than 2 billion people

The number of casualties was in the tens of millions

Profoundly changed the course of human civilization

The blood and tears they shed

These are the costs and lessons of war

Peace and development are the main theme

But the area's smoke has not dissipated

The myth of turning over the history of aggression still lingers, and forgetting history means betrayal

All words and deeds that deny the nature of aggressive war

All words and deeds that distort or even beautify the war of aggression

All words and deeds that evade the historical responsibility of aggression and war

In whatever form

No matter what you say

It's all self-deception

In 73,

Remember the past, remember the future

Today we emphasize remembering history

Not to perpetuate hatred

But should take history as mirror, face future

The Chinese people

Experienced the ravages of war

Know more about the value of peace

We remember history

We reflect on the war

Wishing world peace


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