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The Main Reason For Common Quality Problems
Feb 05, 2018

The main reason for common quality problems

1, folds

(2) the edges of the upper surface of the pad are not chamfered; (3) the vertical and horizontal spacing of the workpiece is not in a straight line, increasing the resistance to air flow; (4) Set the temperature is too high; (5) to set the pressure for too long.

2, white

(1) The set temperature is too high; (2) The time to reach the set pressure is too long; (3) The line type is not suitable.

Edge is not glued:

(1) the quality of the glue is poor; 

(2) the activation temperature of the glue is too high; 

(3) the temperature of the equipment does not reach the activation temperature required by the edge of the work piece; 

(4) the work piece is not suitable; 

(5)Poor performance or no back glue; 

(6) plastic has expired or storage inconsistency and requirements; 

(7) leakage of glue or spray improper method.

When there are quality problems, we should adjust the process or parameters one by one for the above reasons and make a record, should not simultaneously adjust a number of process parameters or processes, or the real cause of quality problems will be difficult to identify, but also difficult to develop and adjust the production environment Process standards provide an objective basis.

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