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Setting Of Process Parameters
Feb 05, 2018

Film pressure workpiece spacing: narrow width of less than 100mm workpiece, the workpiece spacing of not less than 80mm; width greater than 100mm workpiece, the workpiece spacing of not less than 60mm; workpiece and the table border spacing of not less than 80mm. Horizontal and vertical spacing should be in a straight line to reduce air flow resistance.

Workpiece pad: The width and length of the pad should be 6-10mm smaller than the width and length of the workpiece. The corners around the upper surface of the pad should be rounded with a radius of 3mm-5mm or the angle of 3x45 ° to ensure The air between the PVC and the workpiece is drained thoroughly to achieve the effect of PVC gluing firmly to the edge of the workpiece. The thickness of the backing plate should be about 3/4 of the thickness of the workpiece, which is one of the important measures to ensure that the PVC is not whitened.

Set the temperature: According to the different PVC, set the temperature should be between 130 ℃ -160 ℃, ordinary PVC (relative to high light PVC) temperature should be higher, high gloss PVC should be lower (to avoid loss of light due to temperature is too high ).

Set the time: preheating time should be between 30s-50s (PVC color, the warm-up time should be different, light colored should be extended, dark should be shortened; thick PVC should be lengthened, thin PVC should be appropriate Shorten), vacuum time should be about 8s, the pressure time should be preheating time plus 10-20s or so. Time to reach the set pressure should not be too long, should be 5s or so, to ensure that the workpiece reaches the activation temperature above the end of the PVC and the substrate quickly and firmly bonded without excessive stretching of PVC on the workpiece.

Set the pressure: set a positive pressure of 3.8bar-4.2bar, negative pressure of 0.7bar-0.8bar, positive pressure + negative pressure = 4.5bar-5.0bar or so.

For too thick workpieces, high gloss PVC and thin PVC less than 0.3mm thickness should be appropriate to reduce the set temperature, an appropriate increase in preheating time and increase the height of the entire floor of the table, shorten the distance between the workpiece and the heating plate to reduce or avoid PVC color issue.

When veneer (veneer), with white latex adhesive, veneer temperature should not be less than 105 ℃; the greater the pressure the better, but to achieve the set pressure for a long time, that is, slow pressure.