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PVC Concept
Feb 05, 2018

The surface and shape of the goods will give the first impression. In this sense, PVC membrane market prospects are very good. In fact, with the development of the times, PVC is gradually gaining people's favor with its good performance, simple process and many other advantages. It has been accepted by more and more people in the world. The darling of the construction industry, PVC is found everywhere in people's daily lives. PVC can not only show the color of nature, but also the performance of people's fantasy color. In Germany, 40% of the furniture is made of PVC for the surface material, see those who color natural, colorful, rich and varied, beautiful patterns, elegant and elegant style of the desk, shelves, sofas, cabinets, no one Will associate them with the devastating "white junk" on the streets, not to mention that it is the PVC blister film that gives them such a beautiful coat.