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Penjiao Process Requirements
Feb 05, 2018

Spray the order for the front → front linear → front + linear → end, the plane part of the spray can be done again;

The main agent and the curing agent after mixing the active time of 4-6 hours, the workpiece has been sprayed within 4 hours of processing is completed to obtain the best bonding effect. Otherwise, the crosslinking reaction occurs due to glue and the activation temperature needs to be raised, although the glue effect is good from the appearance, but the temperature resistance has been significantly reduced, if the second spray will appear in the PVC surface gel marks.

The surface is white and dry after the glue is applied. There is a clear film luster after 30 minutes and 50 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and glue quality.

Common fan 1.5-2.0 meters away from the workpiece alignment of the workpiece to blow away the damp air, in order to avoid the workpiece due to humidity and PVC bubble.

In winter, in order to increase the temperature of the workpiece, the workpiece can be heated to 20-25 ℃ with a small insulation room (the temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, otherwise the workpiece will be deformed). Spraying should not be less than 16 ℃ environment in the curtain machine.

Spray operators should wear masks to protect the operator's health.