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New Material, Safety First
Sep 20, 2018

As we known that the safety of human life is the most important.Therefore, our products are safe and reliable, and the materials do not spontaneously ignite themselves.Fire extinguishes itself.

And everyone has to learn their own safety awareness of fire prevention

Basic fire safety knowledge:

1. Maintain public fire safety consciously, call 911 immediately when a fire is found, and no charge is charged for fire fighting.

2. When finding fire hazards and fire safety violations, you can dial 96119 to report them to the local public security fire control department.

3. Not burying, enclosing, damaging, misappropriating and shielding fire facilities and equipment.

Iv. Do not carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places and take public transportation.

It shall not use open fire and smoke in places where fireworks and crowded places are forbidden.

To purchase qualified fireworks and firecrackers, observe safety discharge regulations and pay attention to fire safety.

Families and units shall be provided with necessary fire fighting equipment and shall master correct methods of use.

Eight, every family should make fire control safety plan, draw escape evacuation road map, check in time, eliminate fire hidden danger.

9. Flammable materials shall not be used for interior decoration.

Correct use of electrical equipment, do not connect the power supply line, do not overload electricity, timely replace aging electrical equipment and lines, and turn off the power switch when out.

Proper use and regular inspection of gas facilities and appliances, find gas leakage, quickly close valves, open doors and Windows, and do not touch electrical switches and open flame.

Children do not play with fire. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children.

It shall not occupy, block or seal the safety exit, evacuation channel and fire truck channel, and shall not set up any obstacle that impedes the passage of fire truck and fire fighting.

Do not smoke in bed or on the sofa, do not throw cigarette butts.

Fifteenth, the school and the unit organizes the escape evacuation drill regularly.

16. When entering public places, observe the safety exit and evacuation exit, and remember the direction of evacuation.

When encountering a fire, be calm and calm, and escape quickly and correctly.

When you must escape through thick smoke, try to protect your head and body with wet clothes, cover your mouth and nose, and bend low to move forward.

19. If the body is on fire, roll it on the spot or cover it with heavy clothes to extinguish the fire.

20. If the fire door can not escape, can use soaked towel clothing to block the door gap, issued a distress signal waiting for rescue

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