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Loading Day And Night Special Products
Oct 09, 2018


we are the professsioanl doing pvc products.

Foshan RiHeng  Decoration Material Co., LTD. The production of PVC wood grain decorative parts is dedicated to all kinds of wooden board, polymer board, horn line board, MDF, steel plate, surface cover, such as model steel profile can also be used for all sorts of modelling door blister, is all kinds of decorative materials manufacturers, speaker manufacturers preferred products and furniture industry.we have 6000 Ton capacity one year,Our products have the following features: complete specifications, strong simulation, small color difference;The second processing performance is good, does not shrink, does not rebound, the durability is good;Clear pattern, stable color, no discoloration, no discoloration;The waterproof property is good, in damp place furn

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