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Film Press Silicone Film Use
Feb 05, 2018

According to the characteristics of the workpiece line (such as arc value, angular, linear width and depth, etc.) choose different thickness of silicone film.

Silicone film is often heated and stretched, the sag will increase, according to the degree of sagging of the silicone film in a timely manner to reduce the sag.

In order to extend the service life of the silicone film, to prevent the quality problems of the workpiece, should be regularly replaced by the use of silicone film, such as the front end of the variable back, the left turn the right end.

If the silicone film at the corner of the hole or a short hole, available silicone and film repair machine repair. When repairing with compacted heavy objects compaction, dry 24 hours, the repair Department with 240 # of sand paper sand can be used normally.