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Film Adhesive Requirements Of The Use
Feb 05, 2018

Film adhesive is a two-component glue, activation temperature is about 60 ℃. Storage temperature should be at 5 ℃ -30 ℃, 5 ℃ below will cause flocculation. Plastic buckets should not be placed directly on the ground, should be placed on wooden brackets, especially in winter. Film adhesive is not valid in the original state of the original packaging, from the date of delivery for 6 months.

Film adhesive preparation ratio Main agent: curing agent = 20: 1, the main agent and curing agent should be mixed, the main agent should be kept under stirring, the curing agent is slowly added and stirred for at least 3 minutes. Each time the amount of glue preparation should ensure that run out within 4 hours. Glue plastic barrels should be strict.